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Xtelesis Datacom is Tata partner in bangalore and provide ILL, PRI, SIP Trunk, MPLS-VPN, Toll Free Numbers, Voice Bridge across India

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Tata partner bangalore,Tata PRI,SIPTrunk,MPLS-VPN

Tata Teleservices Limited spearheads the Tata Groups presence in the telecom sector. It is one of India’s leading mobile Telecommunications service providers delivering mobile connectivity, content and services to consumers across the nation

Tata Teleservices offer a wide range of solutions varying from Internet Leased Lines(ILL), PRI, SIPTrunks, inbound and outbound services, innovative solutions like Smart Office and SmartVPN

As competition intensifies, businesses worldwide are seeking the following benefits:

  • Easy scalability that supports faster upgrade to higher bandwidths with network-based applications needs.
  • Lower total cost of communications
  • Improved performance for your communication


• Content Delivery Network
• Internet Leased Line
• L2 Multicast
• Leased Line
• Photon
• Centrex
• Mobile
• Walky

Call Register Services
• Toll Free Services
• SMS Solutions
• Digital Survey
• Hosted IVR
• Live Chat

• Document Management
• International Bridging Services
• Conference

• School Bus Tracking
• Workforce Tracking
• Asset Management
• Fleet Management

Tata ILL Service

As one of the best Internet Leased Line providers in India, Tata have more than 12,000+ km connectivity throughout India.

  • Dedicated and Symmetric bandwidth (same upload & download speeds), High speed internet connectivity
  • Experience carrier grade connectivity
  • Access widespread last mile network to reach your offices
  • 99.5 % SLA – End-to-End service level agreements for Latency, uptime and packet loss (< 1%)
  • Web interface to manage and monitor performance
  • Customer location will be connected to the nearest TTBS’ Point of Presence (PoP) on any available feasible medium. PoP will be the entry point for traffic into our network for accessing Internet
  • Once traffic reaches our PoP, it will be routed to Internet cloud through TTBS’ resilient backbone via its Internet gateway. Tata Tele Business Services has its backbone connected on fiber with mesh topology having n*Gigabit capacity resulting high uptime
  • Internet Gateway is the exit point for Internet bound traffic to World Wide Web. We have multiple routes for pushing traffic on to the Internet, resulting in high uptime and minimum latency for its customer base

Tata PRI

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a fixed line voice service which works on ISDN technology. It offers digital connectivity with scalability. PRI solution has 30 channels providing voice, data, image and video services on a single link.

  • Pilot number (Hunting facility on single number)
  • Scalable with multiples of 30 channels
  • 30 simultaneous calls on single connection
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
  • Merging of PRI to increase the channel capacity
  • Premium Number Availability
  • Pooling between multiple PRI in the same circle
  • Region wise billing and Consolidated Billing option available
  • Provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and Direct Outward Dialing with default call levels of Local and STD

SLA (Service Level Agreement) :TTBS is the only service provider to offer SLA of 99.5% Network

availability and 4 hrs MTTR. In case of breach of commitment in a quarter service credits are given in the next bill.

Tata SIPTrunk

Our industry first SLA backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk is an advanced Voice Connectivity product, with the best in class IP solution.

Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires are delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional TDM based multiple PRI lines with SIP Trunking service, offering the best in class IP solution.

In terms of infrastructure purchases, SIP trunk provides immediate cost-savings by eliminating the need to purchase costly BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways. They eliminate the need to purchase costly BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways.

The service is available in the following circles – Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Our unmatched SLA offering includes: Network service availability of 99.5%, a complaint MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) of 4 hours and service credits in case of commitment breach.

Tata Smart Office

Solutions offered by SmartOffice:

A simple, single box that does it all This is a White-Labeled Device with Plug-and-Play feature Certified hardware, storage & applications from leaders in enterprise business No Capex or Opex, its Free! No risk of obsolesce Best and transparent plans, scale up or down. Option to upgrade box shall be available with revised rental options One stop contact for support on telecom access, applications & hardware issues Voice recording, Internet site restrictions, Advance call capabilities, Voice mail, etc. Firewall for Unified Threat management The customer can buy the bundled offer under on rental basis The box shall come in fixed configurations models. The customer can choose any option between them

Tata Smart VPN


The Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN offering delivers Pan-India connectivity across 100+ strategic points of presence. With our Standard and Managed solutions, your employees can connect to business networks from anywhere, including remote locations.

Secure Connect

Secure Connect links your private network to leading cloud service providers. It does this by privatizing a public cloud network while extending it with the security level of a private network. Experience faster data transfers and seamlessly transition between your private network and the public cloud.

Internet VPN

Internet VPN uses your locally available internet connectivity to build a secure leg integrated with your VPN network. This secures your internet access regardless of your connectivity source – Internet Leased Line, broadband, 3G or 4G. Offered as an On-Site service for offices and On-the-Move service for securing connectivity on user-owned devices and usage outside the office.

Tata Toll free Services:

TTTSL Toll – free services are provided on a state of the art, intelligent network platform where we give easy to remember 1800 and 1860 number series. With an industry-first feature of SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal for customers

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