Services over Warranties: What Makes a Cisco Service “Smart”

Warranties are great protection for Cisco products, but they only cover a fraction of the issues users face.

More than 80 percent of the calls to Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center come not because a Cisco product malfunctioned on its own, but from a host of reasons including human error, operating system malfunctions and other.

That’s why Cisco Services are a better choice for your customers than  warranties that just protect against manufacturer defects. With Cisco Services, your customers get protection from a wide range of issues last long after warranties have expired.

For the smart business owner, having Cisco Services is the right decision.

Get Smart

Cisco Services are not just smart for the user, but are “smart” themselves.

Automated software-enabled capabilities collect network and device diagnostic data, analyze it, and compare it to Cisco’s deep knowledge base to deliver  actionable insight.

This can include assessing the state of the network and devices, optimizing network performance, improving operational efficiency, and simplifying and automating ongoing operations.

You can learn more about Smart Services/Smart Capabilities, and how they relate to Cisco’s Smart Net Total Care service, offering), in this video.  See timestamp 2:17 for more info on the Smart Capabilities.

Be Prepared

Warranties for Cisco products typically expire after 60 or 90 days and offer coverage for manufacturing errors and part failures.

While warranties are great for this kind of protection, they exist to guarantee that the product a person or business buys works as advertised. After that, it’s up to the customer to handle all of his or her needs from maintenance and repair to integration with existing systems.

This can be difficult for companies that use information technology to help their business, but are not technology experts themselves. There’s a reason most of the calls to the technical assistance center are people-related. People simply make mistakes and do not have the knowledge to fix them. With Cisco Services you can fix these problems when they occur, but also take steps to avoid them.

That’s where Cisco Services can be an incredible added value for your customers.

Getting the Most

Cisco Services are aimed at helping business owners get the most out of their Cisco products. After all, if a business owner is not using Cisco technology and seeing its benefits, he or she will not likely purchase it again down the road.

Instead, Cisco Services add value to the use of Cisco products. With the proper support and additional expertise, users can now get the full benefit of Cisco products, leading them to see the value they bring and want to purchase more.

Coverage with Cisco Services include 24-hour access to Cisco-trained technicians who  can walk them through any technical issues, as well as regular feature updates and security patches for  Cisco’s hardware operating system, which is routinely updated to provide new features and security patches.

Cisco Services also provides businesses with access to Cisco’s monstrous user network. Since so many people use Cisco products, the ability to learn from their collective knowledge is a huge advantage. If a business owner faces a problem, it is highly likely that someone else already faced it and has discovered the best solution for fixing it. This knowledge base is a tremendous asset and can put customers at ease when a problem occurs. Quickly remedying problems can increase user satisfaction with the product and Cisco in general.

All of this is to help your customers avoid downtime, which can cost the average company 1 percent of its annual revenue. When a network goes down, not only is the company unavailable to customers looking to do business, but employees are still being paid while unable to work.

By preventing an hour or less of downtime the Cisco Services contract will pay for itself.

Cisco Services allows businesses to become proactive with their technology to avoid problems before they begin. This is the smart way to run a business, especially for a component that is crucial for the business to operate.

The Value in Mastering A Services Practice

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