Shoretel Customers FAQ

Customer FAQ
What can customers expect during the integration process?

Both Mitel and ShoreTel customers can rest easy knowing that it is business as usual, with no changes to the products, processes and people they are used to. They can expect open and transparent communication from Mitel as well as our commitment to provide continued support and an attractive path forward for all businesses.
At appropriate times throughout the integration, customers can expect to hear about any relevant updates and changes.
Should ShoreTel customers now reach out to Mitel or ShoreTel?

Customers should continue to contact the same company representative they do today. As we move through the integration, any changes will be communicated well in advance.
Will ShoreTel customers receive invoices from ShoreTel or from Mitel?

In the short term, ShoreTel customers will continue to receive invoices from ShoreTel. However, Mitel is working to quickly rebrand various items and expects this to be extended to invoices by Q4 2017
Will the integration disrupt any current implementations?

Mitel’s priority throughout the integration process is to maintain business continuity for and minimize any disruption to customers. To this end, during the first 90 days post-close all customers will continue to use the same tools, phone numbers, contacts, and processes that they use today. Any changes to this will be communicated well in advance.
Will submitted RFP responses have to change?

This acquisition will have no impact on submitted RFP responses.
Will prices change as a result of this acquisition?

For the time being there are no changes to pricing. As we move through the integration process, we will communicate any changes to you in advance.
In what ways will Mitel be reaching out to customers?

Today the Mitel and ShoreTel Marketing and Sales teams are proactively communicating to Mitel and ShoreTel customers about this major milestone and, importantly, to confirm that it is business as usual. Throughout the integration we will continue to communicate to customers through emails, phone calls, and mail.

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