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Additional information about the drug Tolterodine

Tolterodine (trade names Detrol, Detrusitol ) is an antimuscarinic drug that is used for symptomatic treatment of urinary incontinence.
It is marketed by Pfizer in Canada and the United States by its brand name Detrol. In Egypt it is also found under the trade names Tolterodine by Sabaa and Incont L.A. by Adwia.
1 Use
2 Pharmacology
3 Side effects of tolterodine
4 References
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Detrusor overactivity (DO, contraction of the muscular bladder wall) is the most common form of urinary incontinence (UI) in older adults. It is characterized by uninhibited bladder contractions causing an uncontrollable urge to void. Urinary frequency, urge incontinence and nocturnal incontinence occur. Abnormal bladder contractions that coincide with the urge to void can be measured by urodynamic studies. Treatment is bladder retraining, pelvic floor therapy or with drugs that inhibit bladder contractions such as oxybutinin and tolterodine.
Tolterodine acts on M 2 and M 3 subtypes of muscarinic receptors whereas older antimuscarinic treatments for overactive bladder act more specifically on M 3 receptors.
Tolterodine, although it acts on all types of receptors, has fewer side effects than oxybutynin (M 3 and M 1 selective, but more so in the parotid than in the bladder) as tolterodine targets the bladder more than other areas of the body. This means that less drug needs to be given daily (due to efficient targeting of the bladder) and so there are fewer side effects.
Side effects of tolterodine
Known side effects:
Xerostomia (dry mouth)
Decreased gastric motility (upset stomach)
Dry eyes
Urinary retention
The following reactions have been reported in patients who have taken tolterodine since it has become available:
Allergic reactions including swelling
Rapid heartbeat or abnormal heartbeat
Accumulation of fluid in the arms and legs
Not to be used in patients with myasthenia gravis and angle closure glaucoma.

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